Diversity Matters NEEOPA Annoucement

Diversity matters to us at 360HR Solutions and we are really pleased to announce that 360HR Solutions’s Senior Consultant, Myreen Aronowitz has been appointed to the NEEOPA Executive Committee.

NEEOPA (NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners’ Association) is a non-profit Organisation established in 1985 to support HR and Diversity Practitioners in public and private sector organisations, implement quality equal employment opportunity programs through sharing best practice.

Myreen is 360HR Solutions’s Project Manager for the Paralympic Workplace Diversity Program, assisting Australian Organisations employ suitably matched Diversity Ambassadors and also specialises in recruitment, focusing on clients in the Not for Profit and Education sectors.

Myreen said,  “I have been a member of NEEOPA for the past 8 years, and am honoured to be part of a such a valuable and professional board. I am hoping that as a group we can continue to break down the stereotypical barriers that exist in the workplace, and provide insight into best practice of inclusion.”