Rio Olympic Workplace Energy BoostThe Olympics is the perfect time to boost the energy at your workplace.

It’s the one time when everyone is suddenly interested in sport and feeling inspired by the amazing achievements of all the athletes competing at the Olympics.

Here are 4 easy ways you can use Olympics fever to get all your employees moving:

1. Start the day with an Olympic warm-up

For the duration of the Olympics (5-21 August) or Paralympics (7-18 September), hold a stretching and warm up session at the start of each day’s work.
Choose exercises that people can do in work clothes.

2. Make it a novelty

Hold an Olympics day (or lunchtime) – but make it fun.  Dress the office with Olympic themed decorations, run novelty races or get everyone to dress like an athlete for the day.

3. Country vs Country

Allocate a country to each team, or get them to nominate their own country. Encourage teams to decorate their workstations in their country’s colours and flags. Give a gold, silver and bronze prize to the teams with the best decorations.

4. Hold a mini-tournament

Each week, hold a mini-tournament based around one of these Olympic sports:

  • Handball (you’d be amazed how competitive people get over this easy sport, and you just need to draw some chalk squares on the ground)
  • Badminton (you can set this up cheaply with a net and bats in a nearby park)
  • Table tennis (if you don’t have one, you can turn the boardroom table into a pingpong table with a detachable net)
  • Volleyball (you can follow the Newcomb rules which allow catching rather than hitting)

Get your team leader and managers involved, and promote promote promote to make your Olympic events successful and lift the energy at your workplace.

Via Healthworks