5 Tips for end of year work party

Holding an end of year work party is the perfect opportunity for all your employees to dress up and celebrate together, but it’s also an event that can give rise to a number of employee grievances.

Here’s five simple tips to consider when planning your event.

1. Set a limit on the bar tab

A limited bar tab communicates your expectations for drinking responsibly and may discourage employees from excessive alcohol consumption. No one likes paying for their own drinks!

2. Ensure adequate security at the venue

If you are planning an event for a large group, investigate if the venue offers security to ensure the Christmas party runs smoothly. If not, you may want to consider organising your own security.

3. Consider medical assistance

Consider the need for quick access to medical assistance in case of an accident or emergency at the party. This may include locating the nearest hospital, or having someone in attendance who knows CPR if your party is in a remote location.

4. Organise transportation

When planning the party take all reasonable steps to ensure employees get home safely. This may be as simple as directing employees to the nearest cab rank or train station, or it may require a shuttle or cab charges.

5. Remind employees of your drug and alcohol policy

It’s a good idea to send around a copy of your company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy a week or two before the party to remind them of their obligations. After all, staff are still representing the company at the Christmas party, especially if clients have been invited.

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Via enableHR