Graphic - Anatomy of a GIS Specialist

What qualities should a GIS specialist have? The same that we should expect in any great candidate – a passion for their discipline and a good background in their specialisation. However, as our technical landscape rapidly changes, GIS specialists need to adapt their skills to keep ahead of the game. 

GIS is now a part of everything we do. 80% of all data is location-based and the tools to utilise this data are becoming more sophisticated and easier to use. And GIS Specialists are acquiring these skills at different stages and by different means. Whether it’s an IT specialist who is considering moving into the spatial world or a GIS newbie who is planning a career, specialists will acquire different skills at different stages.

Traditionally, most GIS Specialists start building their skills from University degrees or spatial certificates. Their knowledge is often deep and their understanding of spatial broad. But this pure journey in spatial can lack the interface within the broader IT world; an interface in which GIS is being used more frequently.

Specialists with an IT background often have a greater understanding of where spatial fits within the overall technology picture. This knowledge of other applications and utilities not only produces better-rounded specialists with more to offer the GIS space, but also provides organisations with further reasons to employ them. A specialist with GIS and IT skills is a great asset; particularly for small business.

If you are a looking to enter the spatial journey, or your business is looking for a GIS specialist, remember to check out more than just the traditional GIS pathway and skillset. IT skills have become much more relevant to the GIS space as spatial starts to become a seamless part of the broader technology solution.

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