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Get a 360° view of the key characteristics you need in an event manager.

We’ve spent more than 17 years working with clients to find the best people for hard to fill roles. In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner and recruiter who understands your business and industry.

We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next event manager. We’ve summarised them below and you can get the full view in the infographic.

Eagle Eyes
To give your events proper preparation and planning, event managers need far-sightedness and strong attention to detail.

Creative Brain
Successful events require creativity. It’s creativity that underpins how successfully partners, staff or customers will engage with an event and your brand.

Safe Hands
Deadlines drive event managers. They must be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and proactively spot issues.

Strong Problem-Solver
When tight time-frames compress deliverables, issues inevitably arise. You must assess how your candidates solve problems laterally and creatively.

Firm People Skills
To manage events, you must be able to manage lots of people.

Brand Focused
Your event manager is also your brand ambassador, so make sure your candidates share your brand values.

Leadership Strength
Outstanding event managers have passion, energy and vision, which will help to motivate your staff and inspire people to attend.

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