A recent report on the future skills in Australia, commissioned by Google and produced by advisory firm AlphaBeta, found that architects are facing some of the biggest changes to the nature of their jobs. 

Finding an Architect that fits your company’s culture, skills and standards requires a great deal of investigation and careful consideration, otherwise you risk hiring the wrong fit.

While some professions have barely changed from 2006 and 2017, the nature of architectural work has changed by more than 42 per cent in the same period. Technological improvements mean architects now complete technical drawing tasks much faster and are expected to spend more time liaising with clients or focusing on design.

With this in mind, companies that are able to think differently about the way they source the right talent will be ahead of their competitors. Using outdated hiring processes will not find candidates with outstanding skills for the job.

360HR Solutions have researched the often confusing and radically changing area of recruitment and have summarised our findings in a handy infographic. Research indicates that the top qualities to consider when recruiting an architect are:

  1. Creativity
  2. An inquiring mind
  3. Passion and vision
  4. Problem solving and communication skills
  5. Technical know-how
  6. Strong design skills

Get a 360° view of the key characteristics you need in an Architect.

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  • Pinpoint your best candidates – look at candidates from different angles using selection criteria that help predict job performance


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