Case Study Wesley Mission Fundraising Recruiting

While Wesley Mission is known for their charitable work conducted through over 130 programs, its fundraising capacity needed improvement.

So Wesley Mission’s leadership team made a key strategic decision: to increase their focus and investment in fundraising by creating a new structure including a few new roles. However, attracting candidates with a proven track record in not-for-profit fundraising, and with values that harmonised with Wesley Mission’s strong Christian culture, would be a huge challenge.

Wesley Mission turned to 360HR Solutions with our specialisation in not-for-profit recruiting and consulting.  360HR Solutions’s Patrick Cameron utilised the extensive 360HR Solutions networks that enabled him to pinpoint a number of suitable candidates for the new roles.

The successful candidates are now driving fundraising across a wide range of channels including corporate partnerships. Furthermore, Wesley Mission is on track to provide more help to more people thanks to their new fundraising capabilities.

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