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Stress Quotient Assessment

A stressed workforce is a workplace health and safety issue. Managing employee’s mental and physical well-being is part of every organisation’s corporate responsibility.

There is now a proven way to measure Workplace Stress using TTI Stress Quotient™.  With the information provided by TTI Stress Quotient™ leaders and supervisors can access the ‘stress pulse’ of their organisation and be better equipped to make smarter strategic decisions and improve the well-being of their workforce.

This video explains the benefits of measuring and managing workplace stress:

Tackling the causes of stress in individuals and in organisations leads to higher performance, fewer missed days and, most importantly, reinforces your company truly cares for its employees. Start diagnosing stress – and begin creating a healthier, more productive workplace by using TTI Stress Quotient™.

To learn more about Stress Quotient Assessments download the TTI Stress Quotient Brochure. View a sample group report or sample individual report.