Turn under-staffed into peak performance

More businesses are looking to temp and contract labour to fulfil short and medium term needs in their staffing.

360HR Solutions can provide immediate staffing relief across a range of specialisations including: general admin, finance, project management, accounting, IT and tech, engineering, construction, marketing and comms, contact centre personnel and Geospatial.

To recruit extra personnel fast, to fill a highly- skilled niche role, or to sidestep the risks of taking on full-time team members, temporary or contract staff can be an excellent short-term solution.

How contract and temp staff can benefit your business

Save Time

Manage staff shortfall or increased demand quickly and easily.


Tailor contract lengths to suit your business.


Streamline your workload by outsourcing:

  • Statutory requirements
  • Wages and Superannuation
  • Administration
  • Payroll
  • Expense management and control

Our specialist areas for Contract Recruitment

We provide contract workplace solutions for these industries:

Read our case studies to find out how 360HR Solutions helped our clients BlueScope and Broken Hill City Council meet their urgent staffing needs and keep their projects on-track.