Minimise Risk and Ensure a Safe Workplace

According to Safe Work Australia 50% of Australian workers will experience workplace bullying. Bullying and Harassment in the workplace is a real business risk costing Australian business up to $36B annually.

Organisations must take the consequences of bullying and harassment seriously. Bullying impacts performance of employees and increases turnover and absenteeism.

If employers are to take the issue seriously, it’s critical they understand what constitutes bullying and harassment, how to identify it, but importantly how to create a work culture and environment that is safe.

360HR Solutions provides workplace bullying and harassment training for organisations from small businesses to large corporations and government. The training is designed to be informative and can be customised for delivery to different audiences, from general staff through to executive teams.

Our training is a high level informative session delivered in a 2 to 3 hour group workshop environment on site at the place of work.

The training covers:

  • Relevant legislation
  • What the risks are – organisational and individual
  • What constitutes workplace bullying?
  • Different forms of bullying
  • What constitutes harassment?
  • Why does bullying occur?
  • What is defined as ‘reasonable management action’?
  • How to respond to bullying claims
  • How to reduce the risk of bullying and harassment in the workplace through preventative measures and a positive workplace culture