HR Consulting Services and Program at a glance

Build people skills throughout your organisation

Look after your people and your people will look after you. Which is why you must have the right strategies and procedures in place to challenge, reward and inspire your greatest asset, your people.

To keep your teams strong and to reduce executive and staff turnover, we keep your individual HR requirements at the centre of everything we do. Get to know how to strengthen your organisation using these leading HR consulting services:

  • HR consulting & outsourcing
  • Outplacement services
  • Career coaching
  • HR compliance
  • Performance management
  • WHS
  • Web-based HR management
  • Business consulting

Supporting smaller businesses to build and grow

Bring people skills into the heart of your business. Use our unique Associate model to engage an HR partner who understands your industry and who will enable you to recruit skilfully and strategically to strengthen your business. Your HR partner can also support your organisation by developing a simple-but-powerful HR framework that enables you to smoothly add and change staff while ensuring you comply with all relevant State and Federal requirements.

Delivering results for bigger businesses  

Whether you’re running a business transformation program, onboarding a new CEO or rolling out a new technology platform, ensure you bring your people along with you. Build results with 360HR Solutions by translating your mission, values and goals into practical HR strategies and operations.

Scale these HR services to match what you need.