Recruit successfully, strategically and skilfully

With recruitment also comes risk. Which is why tomorrow’s results, performance, capacity, productivity, work culture, leadership and teamwork depend upon who and how you hire today.

To match what you need with who walks through your front door, you not only need robust assessment processes and wide networks, you also need someone who understands your job market, industry and work culture.

With 360HR Solutions you’ll team-up with an HR partner who understands how your industry and organisation work. Our recruitment services allow you to:

  • Access one of the industry’s largest professional networks, built up over 17 years, for both permanent and executive recruitment and contractor recruitment
  • Bring people skills into the heart of your business with an HR partner who’ll stay by your side for the long haul – the average tenure for our associates is over 8 years
  • Assess your candidates comprehensively with relevant criteria that’s tied to workplace performance

A passion for specialists

In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner who understands your business and industry. Our industry specialisations include:

Read our case studies to find out how 360HR Solutions has helped our clients find candidates with the right specialist skills.


On numerous occasions, I've rung Richard and said I need assistance in finding people. For recruitment services, his knowledge of the market, his comprehension and in-depth understanding of a role and his extensive network are unique in the Australian and New Zealand market. Richard has assisted me in finding sales leaders, business development managers and marketing executives. His feedback and commentary on candidates and prospects is open and clear, and he aligns with your own particular organisations' recruitment processes. For sales leaders and HR managers, Richard is a valued resource and an essential collaborator in building and growing an effective team.
Damien Pigott, Sales Enablement Specialist
Finding the best people for a dynamic, niche and regional IT company is always a challenge and Joanne's experience, professionalism, network and systemic approach is key to being our partner in local, technical recruitment.
Cristina Trkulja, Human Resources & Quality Manager