Do you have an HR issue 6 Questions to ask

Having the right workplace policies and procedures in place is essential for all organisations, whether you are a small business with five employees or a larger organisation with multiple offices.

Having these elements in place is not only a risk minimisation measure, it’s a way of proactively engaging employees and reinforcing the right behaviours from day one.

In a recent article on, Fair Work’s Director of Workplace Law expressed the need for small businesses to get things right from the start when it came to employment law.

If you find yourself answering “NO” to any of the questions below, you need 360HR Solutions’s help now!

1.  Have you set position descriptions that clearly define roles within your business? It is crucial for identifying responsibilities, measuring success, and providing role clarity to individuals in these positions.

2.  Do you have company policies in place which are provided on an employee’s first day? This should be delivered during the onboarding process and should cover policies in the areas of Code of Conduct, Bullying & Harassment and Leave Policies (Parental, Family & Domestic Violence Leave etc.).

3.  Have you implemented a clearly defined Code of Conduct? This should be communicated to employees and used to proactively support a positive and inclusive corporate culture, as well as providing a reference for when an individuals’ conduct is called into question. This can also incorporate policies that provide clarity around social media use, drug and alcohol use and both internet and email usage.

4.  Has your Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) policy been communicated? This should be communicated to all employees and be accessible and consistently enforced by management and employees.

5.  Does your business meet the Modern Awards and Pay Compliance requirements? A very common area of risk for businesses. Your organisation must have a clear understanding of precisely; what awards are applicable for all employees and minimum pay rates based on specific classifications, and the provisions such as overtime, allowances and loading which are to be paid if applicable.

6.  Does your management team have a clear understanding of Performance Management & Termination processes? It is crucial that your management team has a good understanding of what is fair and reasonable when it comes to performance management, dismissal of employees and your business’ compliance in every respect with the relevant employment law (Fair Work Act) and Small Business Code (less than 15 employees).