Five New Year Tasks for Business Success Planning

2018 is almost here so we share a quick reminder of what successful businesses will be doing and why you should be doing the same.

1. Have a Clear Vision

If you have one, is it still valid and achievable for today and tomorrow?
If you don’t, how will know if you are successful?  Commit to one.  Growth, market position, reputation.  It’s your business – you decide but commit.

2. Share This with Your Team

You rely on your team to realise your vision.  So, they need to know what it is and how they can help.  Share with everyone.  If you don’t they might be working against your vision.

3. Know What You Need to Succeed

What are the Critical Success Factors needed for your business to succeed? What is your competition strategy?  If you don’t know you might fall short.
Do you have the right products at the right prices, a strong distribution strategy in place, excellent people in every role in your business?  How ready are you?  Know where the gaps are so you can close them.

4. Have an Operational Plan

If you know where the gaps are, what will do to close them, meet your goals and realise your vision? If you don’t plan, you are likely to make wrong turns along the way.  If you’re heading to new destination you need your Google Business Map.

5. Make Sure Everyone Knows Their Role

Everyone in your team must be clear how they contribute to success.  Are they?  If they’re not they might make poor choices.  Make sure that everyone knows how they will contribute to the success of your business in 2018 (and beyond).

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