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Get a 360° view here of the key characteristics you need in a GIS specialist.

We’ve spent more than 17 years working with clients to find the best people for hard to fill roles. In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner and recruiter who understands your business and industry. We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next GIS Specialist. We’ve summarised them below and you can get the full view in the Anatomy of a GIS Specialist infographic.

Programmer Brain
They’ll need to use scripting to automate processes or analyse data.

Application Muscle
The GIS profession is built upon software skills. ESRI and Mapinfo are industry standards, but open source software is muscling into key areas.

Analytical Brain
Critical and analytical thinking in the GIS planning process are key.

Project Management Backbone
GIS specialists frequently multi-task.

Student at Heart
GIS is a dynamic and fast-moving profession. To keep pace with the complex tools and widgets, you need candidates who’ve taken lifelong learning to heart.

Trained Supports
Preferred candidates must have the right type of degree and academic record.

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360HR Solutions Anatomy of a GIS Specialist Infographic

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