hire the right people

In any business the employees are the most important and valuable asset.

In order to ensure continued success businesses need to be able to hire the right people and put them in the right position.

Melanie Flintoft, the co-founder of Australian Fashion Labels in Adelaide, told SmartCompany hiring people with the right values and enthusiasm is critical for her company’s success.

“We choose people who love what they’re doing and are passionate about it and then they’re very easy to manage,” she said.

“We love our jobs and we want everyone to love them as much as we do. You attract good people by having a good culture.”

“It starts from the minute they sit at reception and the way they are treating the girls at the front desk … I always ask them [the receptionists who are also international sales managers] how did that person treat you when they walked in the door, did they clean up after themselves?”

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Via Smartcompany.com.au