Always in demand, both companies and individuals highly prize the on-going development of soft skills such as communication, critical thinking and creativity. Yet many managers have no idea how to assess or hire people based on these intangible capabilities.

It’s a new year and with it comes a new list of the most in-demand soft skills for 2019, courtesy of LinkedIn. Creativity is in pole position, followed closely by key interpersonal skills, Persuasion and Collaboration. Fast changing environments ensure Adaptability makes the list, just ahead of an old classic, Time Management.

Unsurprisingly cloud computing and artificial intelligence topped the list of technical skills most companies are looking to hire, but there has been a shift in the way employers prioritise skills with 57% of senior leaders rating soft skills as more important than hard skills.

As much as employers express a strong desire for them, many recruitment practices simply don’t do enough to assess the people skills or emotional intelligence of potential hires. Traditional assessment approaches, such as a quick resume scan or reference checks are largely ineffective and (depending on technique) interviews may only provide a superficial understanding of a candidate’s character.

So how do you assess intangible capabilities, such as how well a candidate might deal with stress, other people and challenges? Based on the latest research and our own in-depth experience we’ve summarised all you need to know in our latest whitepaper – The Science of Selection.

Download Chapter 2: How to recruit for emotional intelligence now.

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