Epifini Business Improvement Dashboard Report

We’re pleased to be working with Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory to provide 360HR Solutions Clients with access to Epifini – the world’s first business improvement solution powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Each year the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) researches the top causes on business insolvency, with poor strategic management consistently reported as one of the top causes of business failure*.

At the heart of these failures is an inability to recognise and prioritise critical opportunities and threats as they occur. With an almost limitless supply of data, it can be an uphill struggle for business leaders to gain an unbiased view of how their organisation is really performing.

Epifini reveals the true state of a business, providing business leaders with the visibility they need to make the right decisions.

It’s like having a consultation with multiple business experts, combining different areas of expertise to ask all the right questions – to identify, prioritise, plan and fix the right areas of your business, allowing you to focus your energy on the things that need it most.

After you answer its questions, Epifini delivers a report and prioritised plan of action to improve business performance. Watch the explainer video here for more information on how Epifini can help your business grow.



Keystone Focalpoint is the first business coaching and advisory business in Australia to offer Epifini. If you’d like a demo of Epifini, contact our Corporate Head Office on email and 02 4225 2223.