An amazing award winning usage of GIS

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present data in a spatial or visual context.

Over the last few years a new business What3Words has mapped the surface of the earth into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares and given each one a unique label of 3 words e.g. tickets.gift.moral. This is a very clever way of creating a useful model for accessing every part of our planet.

Imagine the day when a robot piloted drone is able to be given a 3 word location and it can deliver a parcel accurately.

What3words is already available as an App and negotiations are progressing with some of the major players in the Spatial world to devise ways of making use of this simple addressing system.

They are a company to keep an eye on and recently won an award for the best British startup at the mobile world congress https://what3words.com/2016/02/kpmg/

By Peter Landis, 360HR Solutions Associate

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