When recruiting a superstar event manager, you are looking for someone with a unique blend of skills coupled with a cool demeanour and uncompromising attitude.

You want your events to be the best, your brand is on show, you need the best people to create, manage and execute your events.

A successful event relies on creative and innovative thinking, a forensic understanding of your audience, execution where every detail and eventuality has been thought of and an event team that communicates effectively, with all stakeholders.

Finding that perfect event manager is tough, but we can help with a few things to look for.

Consider their skills, qualities, your brand image, the hiring experience as well as how you retain them once hired.

It is important to craft your job requirements, desired behavioural traits and factor in your company’s brand values and image.

 The top 7 attributes to consider when recruiting an event manager:
  • They are super organised
  • They communicate well with everyone at every level, frequently
  • They are creative and when there are seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they innovate
  • They love detail
  • Deadlines are their friend and working in a pressure cooker is where they find their sweet spot
  • They lead from the front – strong leadership qualities are a must
  • Lastly, they treat every event like it’s their last – you can feel the passion

Because your event staff are the face of your brand, they help to build and establish relationships with your audience and customers.  Therefore, when making hiring decisions, it is important to remember your brand image and hire staff that accurately reflect it.

Note that putting desired behaviours in the job description is just as vital as required experience and skills/abilities, because it conveys to job seekers the culture and drive of your business.

Create a hiring experience that matches your brand. In turn, your “personality” should be evident to candidates – from the initial communication they receive, through the interview process and onboarding.

It’s one thing to list a set of generic skills and traits on a resume, but it’s a completely different thing to have to explain those skills in action during an interview. For example, you might ask a candidate to prepare a sample event budget or create a piece of marketing material for an event. This can help you assess how they perform under pressure, as well as test their understanding of your company.

In order for an employee to be the right fit for your culture, you need to try and understand if their values align with yours. During the interview ask questions like:

  • What makes you want to work in the events industry?
  • How would you address a customer or attendee who is upset that something was not delivered as promised?
  • Describe an event that went wrong and what did you do about it?

Questions like these will reveal how the candidate interacts with other people – a vital skill for working in the events industry – and their level of passion and commitment to their profession.

A Passion for Specialists

In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner who understands your business and industry.

At 360HR Solutions we understand recruiting event managers and specialists. If you’d like help finding the best events people for your organisation or contract events staff for a one time project, we’d love to hear from you!

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