Anatomy of a Communications Officer

To see which key characteristics will make your next Communications Officer perform – get a 360° view here.

We’ve spent more than 17 years working with clients to find the best people for hard to fill roles. In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner who understands your business and industry. We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next communications officer. We’ve summarised them below and you can get the full view in the infographic.

Silver Tongue
We listen to a candidate’s linguistic skills – they’re a reliable hallmark of solid writing skills

Enhanced Listening
Good listeners are often fast learners

Eagle Eyes
Typos cause all sorts of hand-wringing and heartache

Creative Brain
Whether it’s fresh tactics and strategies, or strong visuals and copy

Analytical Brain
Preferred candidates must know how to monitor results

Media at Hand
Support rather than spin a story

Focused Researcher
Research underpins accurate writing

Team Player at Heart
Teamwork underpins all significant comms projects

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Anatomy of a Communications Officer Infographic

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