360HR Solutions Not For Profit Fundraiser Infographic

Get a 360° view here of the key characteristics you need in a Not-for-Profit fundraiser.

We’ve spent more than 17 years working with clients to find the best people for hard to fill roles. In an age of increasing specialisation, it’s important to choose an HR partner and recruiter who understands your business and industry. We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next fundraiser. We’ve summarised them below and you can get the full view in the infographic.

 Shared Values
A shared purpose is the bedrock for a strong performing team. Check why your candidates want to make a difference.

Good Listener
There’s joy in giving. Fundraisers can amplify this joy by actively listening to donor needs.

Inspired Communicator
Inspiration leads to motivation. Check how your candidates convey a mission and purpose.

Strong Standards
Trust builds relationships and ongoing donations. Donors must trust what fundraisers tell them.

Innovative Outlook
As the list of fundraising channels grows, the range of innovative fundraising ideas has opened up.

Long-Distance Endurance
Your successful fundraiser must know how to build relationships and when to make their pitch.

Leadership Muscles
High-performing fundraisers have passion, energy and vision.

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360HR Solutions Not For Profit Fundraiser Infographic

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