Did you miss out on the free webinar with what3words? Watch and listen as Tom Blaksley, Partner Launch Manager at what3words, explains how to revolutionise business practice, simply by changing the way we talk about location.

In this webinar, Peter Landis, 360HR Solutions’s geospatial recruitment specialist, interviewed Tom Blaksley from what3words, and uncovered the potential and real-world applications benefiting from this revolutionary solution to an age-old problem.

Tom explains how what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3-word address. For example, the 3-word address for the 360HR Solutions head office is ///alert.jumpy.cans. Whether it’s helping customers find your business more easily, arranging a meet-up,  finding your hotel or sharing the location of a wedding – 3-word addresses are making it easier to talk about any location, anywhere on the planet, in over 26 languages.

And it’s not only simple, it’s fun. People around the globe have been captivated by the system, finding words much easier to remember and less prone to error than other alternatives. Businesses are adding their 3-word addresses to websites, business cards, event invitations, Airbnb listings, and signage. To get your business on the grid, here are a couple of links to get you started:

Some of the main uses of the platform are automotive navigation systems, disaster relief, delivery and logistics (Mongolia post have adopted what3words for postal deliveries throughout the country), festivals and events, and asset management.


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