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Contract labour can provide many benefits to organisations. Not only is it a useful solution when navigating periods of transition, contracting is effective at filling gaps for those big projects or for members of the team who go on extended leave.

Benefits of Using Contract Labour

Here are just a few of the benefits of using contract labour for your business:

Reduced Cost

Hiring contract labour can save money. Many of the costs associated with hiring permanent staff can be reduced by engaging contract labour. Additionally, hiring contractors with a specific skillset lowers the cost associated with onboarding, training and professional development.

More Experience

Contract workers tend to have more experience. Because contractors have often worked in various places and different industries, it can add a much-needed skillset to the workforce. Having highly specialised contractors on the team can really help drive the organisation forward.

Greater Flexibility

Hiring becomes much more flexible. Organisations can recruit new staff quickly, responding to market needs and demands as they happen. An added benefit is the option of assessing whether there is a long-term job requirement in that function.

Quicker Process

The hiring process is traditionally a lot shorter. Recruiting for technical skills to deliver specific and short-term goals is simpler than recruiting for a long-term cultural fit. A recruitment agency can streamline the workload further, allowing organisation’s to outsource functions such as wages and superannuation, administration, payroll, expense management and control.

Does your organisation need experienced people on the job fast?  

360HR Solutions can provide you with immediate staffing relief across a range of specialisations including: general admin, finance, project management, accounting, IT and tech, engineering, construction, marketing and comms, contact centre and Geospatial.

Let us help you navigate and reap the benefits of engaging a contractor workforce. Contact 360HR Solutions today to discuss your contract staffing needs. Visit our website, give us a call on 02 4225 2223 or send us an email at


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