Today more than ever, organisations understand the necessity to have the right person with the right skills on the job. For many organisations, introducing temporary staff into the employment mix is the best-fit solution for this need; especially when filling highly skilled, niche roles.

Temporary staff can prove to be a valuable employment strategy if organisations take this best-fit approach. Temporary employment is now a typical component of the corporate mix, helping organisations access specialist skills without going over labour budget.

The need to access skilled staff quickly has triggered a rise in the demand for temporary workers. Temporary employment is now extending beyond traditional industries such as manufacturing and construction, to become a larger part of corporate Australia. These temporary arrangements are allowing organisations to access skills they might not otherwise have access to, such as specific IT and tech, geospatial, engineering, accountancy, finance and marketing.

Sourcing temporary staff can be challenging. Some organisations choose to work with external staffing recruiters to help source employees with specialist skills. For employers wishing to implement an ongoing staffing strategy, developing a relationship with a recruiter may help to streamline the process. This can deliver a clear economic advantage while reducing the burden on an organisation’s administration.

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