Jeanette Wenborn

360HR Solutions Human Resource Consultant
Jeanette Wenborn 360HR Solutions



Meet Jeanette Wenborn, with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Jeanette has quite the impressive background. She’s not only a holder of a Bachelor of Social Science from ANU and the University of Canberra, diving deep into Psychology, Sociology, and Industrial Relations, but she’s also topped that off with advanced qualifications in HR, Employment Relations, and Executive Coaching. It’s safe to say, she knows her stuff.

Jeanette’s the go-to expert for helping businesses strategise and execute all things HR. Whether it’s finding the best talent, planning the workforce of the future, leading big projects, managing change, or fostering a great place to work, she’s done it all—across government, private sectors, and even on a global scale. She’s equally comfortable hashing out solutions in boardrooms or getting down to the nitty-gritty in one-on-ones.

What really drives Jeanette is her passion for helping people through changes in their careers. Working with 360HR Solutions, she’s the go-to person conducting our popular Outplacement services, making sure that transitions are as smooth and positive as possible. She doesn’t just help people find new jobs; she’s all about offering support, advice, and the skills to thrive in whatever comes next.

Jeanette’s approach is all about understanding and empathy. She’s there to make sure people have everything they need—from providing advice with your resume and nailing interviews to networking and picking up new skills. Her work has made a real difference, earning her heaps of respect from clients and her peers.

When she’s not being an HR superhero, Jeanette loves to unwind with yoga, Pilates, a good swim, or just a stroll on the beach with her dog and son. She’s a big fan of Jack Johnson and dreams of catching him play live in a cozy Hawaiian bar someday. Recently, she’s picked up crocheting, creating all sorts of cozy crafts for her son, proving she’s just as creative with a crochet hook as she is solving HR dilemmas.


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