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Why are Temp and Contract Workers Gaining Traction?

More organisations are looking to temp and contract labour to fulfil short- and medium-term needs in their staffing.

Organisations have significantly increased their engagement of contract and temp workers over the past decade as a means of managing rising labour costs, enhancing workplace talent and building their responsiveness in a rapidly changing marketplace. Contract workers are believed to comprise around 30% of the market. By year 2020 it is expected to reach 40%.

This financial year has also seen an increase in demand for contract staff in the public sector due to new council budgets and covering for staff taking periods of leave. Council restructuring and staff movements are affecting talent flows as the need for specialised labour in project and contract management, engineering and supervisory roles continues to increase.

The specialist skills and flexible working times of contractors mean organisations can respond more quickly to market changes and reduce the obligations that come with permanent headcount such as annual leave payments and superannuation contributions. Many Australian professionals are also choosing to become contractors and entering arrangements that offer greater flexibility, work/life balance and financial rewards.

As the contingent workforce grows, so too does the need for the management of issues related to contract workers. Organisations are recognising the need to look past the traditional definition of an employee and develop strategies to effectively source, secure and manage a growing contingent workforce.

Using contract labour to manage staff shortfall or increased demand not only saves time, it allows organisations to streamline their workload by outsourcing all the usual obligations involved in employing permanent staff: statutory requirements, wages and superannuation, administration, payroll, and expense management and control.

Does (or will) your organisation have a staffing gap?  

360HR Solutions can provide you with immediate staffing relief across a range of specialisations including: general admin, finance, project management, accounting, IT and tech, engineering, construction, marketing and comms, contact centre and Geospatial.

Let us help you navigate and reap the benefits of engaging a contractor workforce. Contact 360HR Solutions today to discuss your contract staffing needs. Visit our website, give us a call on 02 4225 2223 or send us an email at info@360hrsolutions.com.au.


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